Core Values

Arabian Bureau of Services prides itself in being the best we can be in order to provide you top quality service. In order to continue this level of excellence, we focus on the following core values that are the foundation of our company.





All inspections will be thorough and complete so that you, our customer, have all the information presented to you in a readable and understandable format so that your decisions are valid.









We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset and represent the highest standards of excellence, service, and quality. We do our best to enhance their environment by giving them the tools they need to do their jobs well. We also value you, our customer, by taking very seriously the type of service we deliver to you. From the initial phone call to the site visit to the delivery of the report, our number one priority is your satisfaction.







We pride ourselves in our work and work ethic. It is important to us that our "Service" that we deliver to you is done with the highest standards of quality. We will not take short-cuts in our methods and we employ stringent tests to ensure that your inspection is complete and adheres to top quality standards.








It is because of who we are as people, which makes us stand out as one of the leading crane maintenance and inspection companies in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, integrity is an important core value that measures how we work. The way we manage our projects, our assignments, and even the smallest tasks reflect the manner in which our company operates.















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